Bouncy Melons 0.2
declarative style orm
Bouncy Melons ORM

Bouncy Melons love you!


  1. Declarative style
  2. Auto-update DB structure
  3. Strict typing
  4. Custom extensions Extension List
  5. 4 types of objects
    1. list of records
    2. single record
    3. field
    4. view model
  6. PDO based (can use any database)
  7. Persistent connections for better speed

How to contribute

we won't accept pull requests blind, but! we have more sexy idea:

  1. extend bouncy melons with your mighty extension! click here Extending Bouncy Melons
  2. if you want to help with bug fixing - write automated test with phpunit, we will include it in project. That's much better, than contributing patches.
  3. if you do not have time - just report an issue

Tested pdo drivers

Driver Create/Read/Update/DeleteFiltering and sorting
mysql ok ok
sqlite ok ok
cubrid todotodo


  1. Basic usage
  2. List minimal
  3. Single
  4. List
  5. View Model Base
  6. View Model Extended