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IdField Class Reference
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Field IField

Public Member Functions

 getJoinTableName ($list)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Field
 __construct ($name, $title=null, $options=array(), $sqlType=null)
 getName ()
 getTitle ()
 getType ()
 getOption ($key)
 isRequired ()
 getSqlType ()
 beforeGet ($value)
 beforeRead ($value)
 beforeSet ($value)
 setOption ($key, $value)

Data Fields

const DEFAULT_SQL_TYPE = "int(11)"
const JOIN_VIEW = 1
const JOIN_TABLE = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Field
 $options = []

Detailed Description

for atomatic join another tables or views by id useful options list - slug of linked view model, required jointype - type of join, optional, can be ::JOIN_VIEW or ::JOIN_TABLE (default) example new ($name, $title, ['list'=>VMyLinkedModel::getSlug(),'jointype'=>::JOIN_VIEW]);

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Member Function Documentation

getJoinTableName (   $list)

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Field Documentation

const DEFAULT_SQL_TYPE = "int(11)"

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const JOIN_TABLE = 0

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const JOIN_VIEW = 1

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