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Public Member Functions
IField Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for IField:
Field BoolField DateField DatetimeField IdField IntField PhoneField SetField StringField TextField TimeField

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($name, $title, $options=[], $sqlType=null)
 getName ()
 setOption ($key, $value)
 getOption ($key)
 beforeSet ($value)
 beforeRead ($value)
 beforeGet ($value)

Detailed Description

all fields should be compatible with this interface

Definition at line 8 of file IField.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $name,
  $options = [],
  $sqlType = null 
$nameString lowercase
$optionsArray field specific options
$sqlTypeString type of column that should be used in sql table

Implemented in Field, and SetField.

Member Function Documentation

beforeGet (   $value)

change field value, for editing it later

Implemented in Field, SetField, DateField, DatetimeField, PhoneField, and TimeField.

beforeRead (   $value)

change field value, for proper display in nice way, unserialize, etc

Implemented in Field.

beforeSet (   $value)

change field value before storing in database, serialize, etc

$nameinitial value
modified value

Implemented in Field, DateField, BoolField, DatetimeField, TimeField, and PhoneField.

getName ( )

Implemented in Field.

getOption (   $key)
$keyString option name
option value

Implemented in Field.

setOption (   $key,

change field-specific option

$keyString option name
$valueString new value

Implemented in Field.

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